How bout you be a cat!

Dear Harper,

It’s several months since my last letter and so much has happened and so much I want you to have to remember.  I take photos and videos of you every day and you will have that in the future. Thankfully, I am always texting Auntie Raya about our adventures so that is how I can remember what I want to tell you.

We have been celebrating Chanukah together. We recently discovered a Learning Resource Centre nearby and we’ve dropped in a few times.  We usually stay for a few hours.  During Chanukah we led circle time together.  I read Clifford The Big Red Dog’s Chanukah and we led everyone in singing  “I had a little dreidel”.   We gave out dreidels and chocolate coins and taught the dreidel game.  You taught your babies how to play dreidel.  You said to them that they want to get Gimel when they spin and that Gimel is the letter with the little tail and Nun doesn’t have a tail.  You pay attention to signs, to letters and to numbers and ask me everyday what this or that is.  We lit our Chanukah candles on the days you were with me and you are singing the blessings.  In fact, when we light our Shabbat candles on Friday afternoon, you can almost chant on your own.  My heart fills when you gather the light to your eyes 3 times. We went shopping for dreidels and I asked a clerk to help us.  She took us down the aisle that was filled with Christmas decor and you looked up at her and said, “My Bubby doesn’t celebrate Christmas, she celebrates Chanukah.”  Our friend Tamar gave us a tub of white clay and we actually made our own dreidel.  

We went to London to visit Auntie Raya, Uncle Ben and Cousin Oscar.  Omgoodness – how you and Oscar played, laughed and loved.  I have never heard so much belly laughter.  The house was filled with joy.  In our family Chanukah dinner is Latkes, oven fried chicken and coleslaw.  Raya made it all and it was sooooo delicious. You love chicken and coleslaw but you decided not to try a latke.  I’ll have to make them again soon when there is less distraction.  You are crazy for your Auntie Raya and Uncle Ben. When we are there, I almost disappear as you snuggle and cuddle with them asking to be picked up a lot (which I never do).  Travelling with you is so easy.  You never fuss on the train and someone always mentions when we are getting off what a great traveller you are and how you were so good.  

In November we took an overnight trip to Niagara Falls on the Go Train.  I think hotels are another family tradition and family favourite.  There was a swimming pool, 2 hot tubs, a play centre and a video game room.  We did it all.  That night you were coughing a lot and I wasn’t feeling 100%.  You saw your doctor a few days later and you had bronchitis.  Fortunately, the doctor prescribed good medicine and it didn’t take long before you were feeling yourself. It took me a bit longer to recover and we also visited my doctor.  After these two visits you were playing doctor with your babies.  You are still telling folks that you will be an eye doctor when you grow up.

Play these days is mostly focused on your babies and your stuffies.  You are an amazing mother taking care of your whole clan – Emma, Ethan, Kayta 1 and Kayta 2.  Grandma says you also have a Mary and Ella.  You name your stuffies – Bella, Rainbow, and Sparkles. Sometimes you talk about the Little Honey in your stories and often call your little ones Hon.  I think you get that from Grandma.  So cute.  The other day you asked me why I called you dear?  You can create scenarios for hours.  Literally hours.  “Bubby, how about if you be the shopkeeper and I be the cat and you buy me and take me home?”  This can also be that you are a baby at the hospital and I pick you up or a dog in the window (from the song we sing- How much is that doggie in the window. When we come home after being out, you ask me to go in, shut the door and you will knock.  You are usually a little cat or dog with no parents and you want to live with me.  Usually I have to give you a bowl of water and a snack on the floor.  Many of the scenarios are on repeat but you seem to have a limitless imagination.  I see Improv and theatre in your future.

Your love for your baby brother, Auston is growing every day.  You tell me you love to tickle his belly and that he has two top teeth and that you put your fingers in his mouth and he bites you.  Of course, you mention Jetty every day and tell me and anyone who will listen that she is your best friend.

In late September you were a flower girl at a client’s wedding.  They weren’t sure if the girls from their family would be able to come and they wanted to be sure they had someone and I volunteered you.  You wore a magnificent white dress and hair band and the other 2 girls were there and you all became friends.  You were so good walking down the aisle and tossing the petals.  You sat with Auntie Paula (who drove us and came along to help) while I officiated.  I was so proud of you, I got a little choked up as I welcomed the guests.

Speaking of Auntie Paula, we went to Cousin Hartley’s cottage in Niagara Falls with her and Uncle Peter for a few days.  We had a lot of fun playing in playgrounds and sightseeing. You and Uncle Peter are always wild and crazy together.  The weather was too cool for beaches and kayaking so we will save that for next summer.  

We went to Auntie Raya’s for Rosh Hashanah and our annual trip to Appleland – pumpkin patch, corn maze (not my favourite), the giant sand hill with tunnels, wagon train ride and apple picking,  Your first year was with your Mommy so it is very special to us all.  Speaking of farms with went with our friend Jeff and Aioffe to Downey Farm where there was also a huge pumpkin patch and limitless things for kids to do.

We’ve learned to roll with the punches and be flexible.  We had to postpone our trip to Medieval Times this month but you are easy going usually.  There have been a few meltdowns, normal in any 3 year old, but Bubby realized you are just tired and this month I got a stroller to take on our outings.  Sometimes a girl just gotta’ rest.  You love to get out on the streetcar, bus and subway.  You enjoy a meal in a restaurant and you love to socialize.  You are definitely your mommy’s girl.  We went to Gingerbread Lane in the Royal York Hotel.  It was magnificent and so beautiful.  You really didn’t want to leave.  You loved the hotel and wanted to explore every floor (we only did 2).  I promise to bring you back for an afternoon tea.

I love that everyday you go seamlessly to my house, back to Daddy or Grandma and Pa.  You show us all so much love each time we see you. You know who loves you and you give it back to us all.

I love you, my precious kitty kat.  You are my heart.

Royal Winter Fair 2022

Summertime and all the Feelings: aka Threeanger

Let’s talk summer – it’s my favourite time of the year and I think it’s yours too. Summer 2022, you turned 3 on June 11. We finished up music class and gymnastics that month. In gymnastics you have really improved. You are more confident on the balance beams, pulling your body weight up on the bars, turning somersaults and you are an excellent trampoline jumper and do the best “seat drops”. 99 percent of the time you pay attention and do what you are asked but I must say at our last class you were a bit of a pack leader taking some of your buddies where you weren’t supposed to go. In music class, you really started participating. You love to get up and dance with the other girls your age and especially with Cindy, your teacher. We have been playing the CD’s from our classes (this is our 4th session) in the car. You insist on choosing which one you want to hear and you sing along. In the car you also love to pretend to fall asleep. First you close your eyes and bide your time. Soon you start some very loud snoring that never fails to crack me up. You like to pretend to wake up too. I love your abundant sense of humour.

My 2 hilarious grandkids, Oscar and Harper

We’ve eaten out regularly. Your favourite is a DimSum buffet (955 Chinese Food) with a robot that does the serving. You like the food (dumplings, noodles, and chicken wings) but you LOVE the robot. We went with Tamar to a French cafe on the Danforth (Patisserie La Cigogne). I ordered you the continental breakfast – croissant, orange juice and coffee (the coffee was for me). I ordered a croissant breakfast sandwich for myself. Yours came first and out of the blue, you became very upset (big tears) and cried “I want dinner, I want dinner”. These little mood swings are all part of being 3 – our little threeanger. Anyway, we solved it by sharing my sandwich with you. Another day, we went to my favourite Greek Restaurant (Astoria) with Kenana and things went very smoothly. You played on the patio checking out the greenery and having a very good time. Finished that little outing with chocolate ice cream at Avoca. We do love ice cream. Yummm. Uncle Peter took us to a Middle Eastern restaurant for Falafel and french fries. You just love being around Uncle Peter and usually the two of you are up to some shenanigans involving laughing and dancing!

Ice cream with Kenana

Let’s talk birthdays. Your 3rd birthday in particular. 2 birthday parties!! Your Mommy would have definitely got behind that plan- she loved parties, birthdays and celebrations. She didn’t care when it was, in fact, she took me out for my May birthday once in August. Daddy planned 1 with your friends and family. There was even a pinata!! Auntie Raya planned a birthday bash for you in London a few weeks later! We even managed to attend Uncle Ben’s Annual Baseball Extravaganza. You told Auntie you wanted a black and white colour scheme with a kitty theme and 2 cakes – chocolate and strawberry. Lots of kids, lots of adults and tonnes of food and fun. It’s so good to have special events to get together with our London pals – they knew and loved your Mommy. There were so many great presents, we couldn’t bring them all home on the train. Speaking of trains. What a great traveller you are. The VIA train to London is about 2 1/2 hours. You never fuss. You play with your toys, talk to strangers, eat (obviously), watch shows and once in while take a nap. It’s the same in the car – no fuss, no complaints, no trouble. You are born to travel. I never have to think twice about taking you anywhere. Your mom and auntie were the same.

We went away for 5 days to New York state with Auntie Raya and Cousin Oscar. We stayed at Cousin Hartley’s cottage and we had the best time. We went to the Niagara Power Plant where we got to see how electricity works, see a 4D film which was a little scary with water spraying, wind blowing and the chairs moving!! We went to a little town called Olcott with a great playground and splash pad and we went to Whirlpool State Park that also had terrific play equipment. In the evenings all 4 of us played board games, read books and had a good night sleep. You and Oscar laughed and played a lot. You didn’t leave his side. On our final day, we crossed the border and spent the morning in Niagara Falls, Canada. We had breakfast in a diner and then took a trip on the Maid of the Mist. You were so brave and we all had a great time.

We still love cooking even in the summer. We just made a batch of fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce and took them to the beach for our lunch. We filled the rice paper wraps with avocado, cucumber, green pepper, tofu and snow peas. You tasted each ingredient to make sure it was all good. That’s my little trick to get you to try or retry foods. I’m always asking you to sample things and you love to gently dip your finger in a variety of sauces from mayonnaise to maple syrup. We’ve made oatmeal muffins with applesauce, peanut butter cookies without flour, sweet potato muffins, and 2 ingredient bagels. You still do not like loud noises like blenders, hair dryers, hand dryers, etc. so we work around that problem with you going in the bedroom and closing the door.

So many memories. On my birthday, we took the Go Train to Port Credit to meet Auntie Raya. We had lunch in a Mexican restaurant and spent that night at hotel. We swam in the pool and jumped on the bed. You told us you loved staying in hotels and so do we and so did your Mom. I promise lots more of that.

There is so much more to tell and to remember. We had a lot of play dates, several visits to Great Bubby. She turned 101 on her birthday May 5th. You really love being with her and you bring Great Bubby so much joy. We are sharing a little garden with Cousin Lisa and Cousin Hartley. You love to water it and to eat the tomatoes. You love crafting and it looks like you have your mother’s hands and her excellent small motor skills. You love to cut paper, you can write H for Harper, you love reading books and love to visit the library. Your favourite toys right now are your baby dolls, your stroller, your tattoo parlour, your doctor’s kit, your ice cream truck and your Barbie sized bathtub (both of the latter we found on the street and you love to find “something nobody wants”). You have had a few manicures and pedicures at the salon. You are a favourite there and always get spoiled.

Mani Pedi time

You are so caring, so helpful and so darn smart. You have decided that you will be an eye doctor. You love playing doctor, you love tending to your babies. You introduced us to your twins, Emma and Ethan. No one knows where the names came from or how you knew about twins. A few days ago, we were at the beach and heard a clap of thunder so we packed up and headed for the bus. We saw a water filling station and went to fill our water bottles when we realized we had left them on the beach. I said I didn’t have the energy to go back for them and we should leave them. You said you were going to get them and took off running down the boardwalk. I, of course, followed behind you. You were so proud when you found them. You told several people on the way back and said you were tired from running. One young man said he totally understood about being tired and something about knees hurting. We continued on our way and missed the bus by a minute. You were waving at it and asking it to stop. I said maybe we should walk but you said no and that you wanted to wait the 15 minutes for the bus. We sat down and you announced that you had to pee really bad!!! I said we had better go somewhere but you insisted that we stay and that you could hold your pee for a very long time (true but as I have said several times not a healthy choice, lol). As we waited I said, I’m I really worried about you and you answered with your hand on my cheek, “Don’t worry about me, I’m worried about you.” I then said but what does Bubby tell you and you answered that you shouldn’t worry about me. Kitty Kat, you are my best friend and my sweet love.

I Look Fabulous

You sure do look fabulous!  I love your confidence – so like your mommy when she was a little girl and told her babysitter Tommy – “Don’t tell me what to wear.  I know fashion”.  Your new special look has been a hair band placed on unbrushed hair in a 1920’s flapper style.  Auntie Raya suggested she fix your hair but you looked in the mirror and said, “I look Fabulous!”.

You are a very confident little girl.  You are so loving.  You tell everyone that you care about how much you love them.  You hug us so tight.  It is important to you that you never leave us without making sure you have told us.  After visiting with Great Bubby, you ran back into the condo building through the automatic doors to tell Great Bubby and Regine once again – I love you!!

Visiting with Great Bubby in 2022

You are my best helper and we do everything together.  You helped me handwash some clothing in the bathtub.  You love to stand on your kitchen stool and help with cooking and with washing dishes.  You help me cleaning the bathroom, tidying up,  doing laundry (loading and unloading the machines), sweeping or mopping the floors.  You just draw the line at vacuuming as you are still bothered by the loud noise of the vacuum and the food processor. Recently we stocked up on paper products. You dragged a big shopping bag with the kleenex boxes in it  all the way from the car through our parking lot, up the steps, down the hall into the elevator and finally into the apartment.  Phwoosh!

We are getting back out in the world.  You started the third session of gymnastics and we’ve been swimming a few times again.  This week you were so confident in the pool and didn’t ask to be held.  You just walked down the steps into the water and started swimming – jumping in and out as you pleased. 

We have started taking transit and have taken buses, streetcars and subways to get around.  You are so good about wearing your mask and never complain.  Recently we’ve been to the St. Lawrence Market, the art installations on the beach and to the Royal Ontario Museum.  There is a cemetery near us and you asked to go to the statue park.  It is open to the public and many people walk their dogs so I felt it would be ok.  You told me several times that you loved it there.

We had a great train trip this March break to London to visit Aunt Raya, Oscar and Uncle Bean (aka Ben).  You were able to spend a whole day with Grampe and Gram, got your first haircut from Michele at Human Artistry and played non stop with your cousin Oscar.

You are willing to try any and all foods.  You picked up chopsticks and used them confidently.  Somehow you ate your bowl of cottage cheese with them.  Recently you and I started making Thai cold rolls.  We call them salad rolls and you love making and eating them.  You’ve had salmon sushi, egg rolls, Jamaican patties and you seem to love it all.  When we are cooking, you like to try the ingredients as we go alone – I think it helps you understand the end product better.  You were slow to like feta cheese but this week told me you love it.  You love to have a salad in a very big bowl.  Your Mommy always told me to make her salads in a big bowl too.

This week your baby brother Auston was born.  You have been anticipating this moment for a long time.  Grandma took you overnight while Daddy was at the hospital.  The next day you said, “I’m tired.  I didn’t sleep well in Wesley’s bed.”  I have to say this really cracked me up.  You spend a lot of time with grandmothers and sometimes sound just like us.

You love to sing and I love to record you.  You sometimes make up songs such as I’m going to the museum.  Other current favourites are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, the ABC’s, Happy Birthday and Rock a Bye Baby.  You are learning nursery rhymes (cause I know and love them) too.  I’m going to record you saying those this week.

We have had your scooter in the house and you get on it and announce that you are going to work.  You drive the 10 feet to the kitchen.  You explained to me that you work in the kitchen cooking.  This is not to be confused when I am in the kitchen cooking and you are helping me – 2 entirely different things.

I love you Baby girl – you are my Sunshine and my Heart.

I Love You Chickadee

Holy Hannah!  You cracked me up the first time I heard you say it!  I realize I say it more than I was aware.  You are an adorable parrot which reminds all of us to watch our tongues.  It is December 2021 and you are officially 2 ½ years old.  You are determined, kind and compassionate, clever, talkative, fun and soooooooo full of love. For months I have gone in your room and said Good morning, Bunny Rabbit or Good morning kitten.  The other day I said hey Chickadee and you told me, “I not Chickadee, I Harper!”  That got me calling you all kinds of names just to hear you say it again. 

Last month Daddy told us that you are going to have a baby brother.  The baby is due in March just a few months before you will be 3. You are looking forward to it and love to tell everyone (even the mailman).  Your innocence helps us all with this complicated situation.  Your Mommy was born just before Auntie Raya turned 3.  They were the best of friends. I know you will be an extraordinary big sister. 

You are doing really well in gymnastics.  You are a big fan of Coach Lisa and love to get her attention.  Your somersaults are really good now, you do your handstand, stand on one foot, swing on the bars and do a great monkey crawl.  You are getting to like the balance beams especially if Coach Lisa gives you a hand.  We go swimming almost every week and you asked for swimming goggles that Uncle Peter and Aunt Paula got you for Chanukah – we will try them out next week. It’s harder to find good and safe activities as this pandemic continues but we’ve also been to the library, a toy store and a couple of shops (you are so good with your mask and sanitizing or washing your hands.

Gymnastics with Coach Lisa
Waiting for our turn to swim

Whenever I bend down to help with your boots, shoes, socks or pants you pat my head and usually tell me you love me. You fill me up with love.  We are quite a team. Truth is you prefer to dress yourself and you are very good at it.  You choose what I can help with – changing shoes if they are on the wrong foot, pulling up your pants at the back, pulling up socks but on your terms.  I do it myself!!

We are still working on potty training.  We will get there sooner than later and you are so proud when you have a success. Funniest thing that I am not sure it got started, is that you put your arms out to the side while sitting on the potty and it often leads to peeing. You are finished with your bottles and our last hurdle will be your soother (dodo, wiggy). You are easy with changes.

You love carrying a toy – car, truck, stuffy, Barbie – anything as long as you have something in hand.  If we forget something at one house, you are quick to chose a replacement.  Of course, you are blessed to have an abundance of toys.

Like the Ruch’s you love your food.  Currently your favourite fruits are apples, pears, grapes, clementines and pomegranates. You love cheese and your favourites are Laughing Cow, Havarti, Cheddar, and Cottage.  You love Greek yogurt and had some fruit bottom lately and it was a big hit especially in an individual container.  You like avocados, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers, and cabbage.  Rice, breads, bagels, noodles, tuna, chicken are staples that you enjoy.  Your favourite food is cookies so I try to make healthy ones for you and with you.  I love feeding you.  I love introducing something new and watching how much you enjoy it.  You are so curious and you watch my every move.  I slurp my coffee when it is very hot and I captured a video of you imitating me.  Hilarious and precious.

You are still napping most days and you sleep soundly for 2 hours and probably longer but I wake you up after that.  You don’t really appreciate that but I let you take your time getting out of your big girl bed. You’ve been out of your crib for several weeks and you adapted to that quickly.  You can open doors and have already gone into Daddy’s room to wake him up.  You can turn on lights by holding up a doll or toy to reach the switch. 

You really show more compassion than I would expect from a toddler.  You are even tempered and gentle like your Mommy was.  She was a peacemaker and always looking for the middle ground.  I was on the phone the other day and I was getting frustrated by some appalling customer service.  When I hung up, you said, “ what you talking like that, Bubby?”  You have really good fine motor skills.  When you eat your cereal, you scoop up the cereal and milk on your spoon with your right hand and hold your left hand up to catch the drips. I am continually amazed at your eye for details.  You seem to notice everything.

 When we are together at my house, I really love lighting candles with you at Shabbat and at the holidays.  You watch me closely and try to repeat the Hebrew Blessings.  You bring the light towards you 3 times and then cover your eyes. For Chanukah we lit our candles every day and we went to visit Auntie Raya, Uncle Ben and Cousin Oscar for 4 days.

Auntie Raya made a book for you this Chanukah

We went by train and you were so good and really easy to travel with. 

Our first train trip

You are crazy for your cousin Oscar.  You love to play with him, watch shows with him and just be wherever he is.  I see some great adventures in our future, Chickadee!! (lol)  The week before Chanukah we spent a few days at Uncle Peter and Aunt Paula’s.  They took us to a farm on a very cold day!!  You loved every minute of it. We also visited Great Bubby and she took you for another ride on her walker!

Great Bubby, Regine, Uncle Peter and you
Outside at the farm
Oscar and Harper
Our many Chanukiot and Chanukah candles

Harper, you are always squirreling things away. You like to fill little pockets, move stuff from one container to another, hide things under the cupboards – our new wagon has a few pockets and when we got to the playground, I saw you had filled them with dreidles and stones from my collection.  You love my collection of stones and head to them as soon as you are in the door.  You always find a stone you like when we are out.  I call you a baby witch and remind you that I am a good witch.  

Your new red wagon at the park in the Beach

Yup, I really love you, Chickadee!!

You’re My Best Friend

My darling baby girl, I haven’t written a letter to you for a long time.  Your 2nd birthday passed without an update but you and I both know that never a day passes without taking photos and videos and sharing them with Daddy, Grandma, Auntie Raya and usually Auntie Linda and Great Bubby. I want you to have lots of memories of our time together and also to share our fun times with everyone.

This summer you had a few cottage holidays.  We went to a beautiful cottage with Auntie Raya, Uncle Ben and Cousin Oscar.  We swam for hours in the pool everyday and had so much fun!!!  You also went to Grandma and Paw’s cottage with them and Daddy and some friends.  You love it there just like your Mommy did.  

What are we doing these days?  Well most weeks Auntie Paula and Uncle Peter spend a morning with us and we’ve had a few big outings with them.  We went apple picking, strawberry picking and pony riding.  The pony ride was a gift from your mommy’s good friend Andrea and her son Benjamin.  You had a lot of fun feeding the goats there, patting the kitties and riding the pony.  

Pony riding

Two weeks ago we started gymnastics classes, my little monkey.  You love running and jumping on the jumpoline as you call the trampoline.  You are learning to somersault and to do handstands.  I think that the trampoline is the next thing for your big backyard.  We also started swimming every week in the big pool.  With your water wings you are so independent in the water.  Swimming and jumping, putting your face in the water and blowing bubbles.  Harper, your Mommy would have loved to see you so active and doing the things she loved.


Last winter your Daddy bought you a big Barbie house and you sure love to play with it.  “Come to Harper’s room. Play Barbies, Bubby!  Please?”  Actually you ask everyone – Uncle Peter, Daddy, Grandma – anyone and everyone who comes to visit. You love to read books and you often get into you little armchair and read to yourself or to your little teddy bear.  These days little teddy goes everywhere.

You’re very curious these days about Mommy.  You kiss her picture good night and you like to hear stories about her too.  Lately every game has a Mommy in it – Little teddy/big teddy, little duck/big duck, little piece of a cookie and a big piece cookie.  Hi Mommy!  It’s ok.  You see there are a lot of mommies around and one time at the playground you ran after a woman with a long black pony tail shouting Mommy! You tell us that you were in Mommy’s tummy.  You are wondering about the whole concept.  You are so loved, my baby girl.  You adore your Daddy.  Every morning the first thing you say is, “Where Daddy?”  You love your big family – Daddy, Grandma and Paw, Auntie Raya and Uncle Ben and Oscar (Oshcar), Uncle Peter and Aunt Paula (Petah and Pawhah), Bubby – you will go to any of us without looking back – running and laughing and big hugs.  There are still others that you are comfortable and happy to be around – Great Bubby and Nana, and Uncle Connor.  I am probably leaving out someone because you are one very loved little girl.

You are getting to know your neighbours – we call them your friends because Bubby forgets all the names.  We love the kids and we LOVE the dogs.  We pat them all.  You are so gentle and caring around them.  You want to hold the leashes, pat their bellies, feed them treats.  You adore Murphy at Grandma and Paw’s house.

This summer we spent a lot of time every day outside – we went to beaches around us at Bluffer’s Park and in the Beaches by Bubby’s home.  We went to a lot of playgrounds and swinging was your favourite.  “Higher Bubby, higher!!”

Your vocabulary is extensive.  You can tell what you want and you can tell us stories.  You are full of imagination which is evident when we are playing.  You love writing on your white board, playing with play doh, playing in your kitchen and making us pretend meals.  Our friend Tamar visited us and you two had so much fun making music.  You had your recorder and she played on your percussion instruments – you have rhythm and love music and dancing.  It’s fun to watch you and Daddy doing the Elmo slide!!

What are you eating these days?  The question is what aren’t you eating?  You have such a good and healthy appetite.  You love fresh fruit and vegetables.  It’s been great fun to pick from our little backyard garden (thanks Auntie Raya and Uncle Ben)  You love the tomatoes.  You love the bagels and the cookies we make together and you love cheese, plain yogurt and cottage cheese.  You love animal crackers.  You’ve had ice cream a few times.  We went to Dairy Queen together last week.  On the way home you said, “I tell Daddy I like ice cream” (you called it eye cweem).

These days you are establishing your independence.  You like to both dress and undress yourself.  You have started going on the potty and you are so proud of yourself as we all are.  You know the sensation that you need to go.  We took a potty to the park last week and you had to go – we sat it in the public washroom and you peed.  I am so proud of you, sweetheart. You are very good at brushing your teeth.  We had our first trip to the dentist.  You were such a good girl.  Sat by yourself and let the hygienist look in your mouth.  Then you sat on Bubby and the dentist did her check up.  Your teeth are almost all there – just 2 more molars to come in soon.  Everyday we have to floss and use the 2 minute timer for brushing.  Mommy loved her teeth and took very good care of them.  She knew the dentist was very important and now you do too!!

Looking after you is the best!!  I wake up every morning feeling excited to get to you and have our adventures.  I love your hugs and kisses.  I love when you pat me on the head or put your arm around me and say “you’re my best friend”.  You say it to others but my heart melts everytime. I love our morning snuggles.  I just love you so much.  You’re my best friend.

My Best Friend

You are A Blessing

Harper, today is April 21st, 2021.  You are only 22 months old and Mama died one year ago.  You recognize pictures of her because Daddy has made sure you know her.  I tell you that Mama is an angel in Heaven.  She is.  Tonight you are sleeping at Bubby’s for 2 nights.  Daddy stayed home from work today to be with you.  Our hearts are sad because we miss your Mama so much.  She was sweet and kind with a big smile and you are so much like her.  Your smile lights up a room and we all marvel at your beautiful teeth and your eyes that look just like Mama’s. You are our Blessing.

I love how you are becoming a real person with so much personality.  I love that you are showing your independence and teaching us what you like and don’t like.  I love that you feel safe and confident enough already to ask for what you want and need.  We both love the book Feminist Baby and you are certainly one.  I especially like to ask your opinion by giving you a few choices.  Do you want to wear a dress?  This one or that?  Do you want to choose your outfit?  Which pajamas do you want to wear?  Do you want an egg for lunch or a cheese sandwich?  Peanut butter toast or oatmeal for breakfast?  You are quick to choose and you are very satisfied with your choices.  

When we get dressed in the morning I put you down and suggest you look in the mirror.  The mirror loves you and you love the mirror!!  What a beauty you are.  You were particularly pleased with your pigtails this week.  You appreciate pretty things just like your Mama did.

You are very caring with stuffed animals and your dolls.  You feed them, put them in the high chair or stroller, bath those that are waterproof, put them to bed, cover them up and carry them around.  You are so kind, so gentle and so caring, my sweet little girl.

This was a very special month because Auntie Raya came to Toronto and took you to London for several days.  What a time you had!!!  You loved being with Uncle Ben and with Cousin Oscar too.  Auntie told me you would stand at the top of the stairs and call loudly down to your cousin who you call “Aww”.  Uncle Ben is Bee and Auntie is Raya.  Raya was one of your first very clear words.  You can say your name now and you call me Bubby (which makes me crazy happy).  Auntie took a gazillion photos and taught us all the trick to make you smile – just say CHEESE.

This month I made sure we got out almost everyday and we walk to different parks including the playground.  We got the bird feeder up and the birds are enjoying it as are a few squirrels I think.  My eye is still healing and still has silicone in it so we aren’t driving too far.  On Passover, Uncle Peter and Aunt Paula had us for the second Passover sedar.   While we were visiting your Aunt and Uncle, you sat down at the piano and just started playing as if you had done it your whole life.  That piano was the same one your Mama and Aunt Raya played on.  It was in my home and before that it was in Great Bubby’s house.  It was wonderful to be out for dinner.  Someday that will seem normal to you but now we are over a year in a pandemic. Thankfully, people are being vaccinated and at some point it will be safe to be out again.  I dream of those days and I am making all kinds of plans to show you the world.

This is a month of milestones!  You have gone to the potty several times and you tell us whenever your diaper is wet or you have gone poo.  You point to your diaper and say pee.  Sometimes it means you want us to put you on your potty and sometimes you want to be changed.  Either way you are in charge and lead us to where you want to go.  Your vocabulary is increasing everyday and most sentences are still 2 words but sometimes 3.  You love your books and we read every day.  You are so like your cousin Oscar in that regard. We also discovered that you have motion sickness which is a family trait going all that way back to your Great Bubby who, by the way, will be 100 years in just a few weeks.

Purim, Spring and Oodles of Love

“Oh, Harper Rose Natalie I love you.”  That’s what I just sang to you while I changed your diaper and put you into bed.  “I love your stinky toes and your belly too”……we both laughed at that.  I sang, “ We love you Bubby, Oh yes, we do.  We love your messy hair and your sore eye too. When you’re not happy, I’m blue! Oh Bubby, Bubby, Bubby, we love you!”  You thought that was pretty hilarious as well.  Just a moment ago you were watching Cocomelon (your most favourite show) when you made a big yawn and looked at me and said Doh doh (that’s your soother) and you only get it at bedtime.  You pressed a key on the keypad and shut the computer.  You are like a clock, little one.  First you eat your lunch, watch a little bit of a show and you are yawning (often a big fake one) and off to bed you go.

We went to the park this morning and actually were around other people. Bubby is living on the wild side now that I have had my first Covid 19 vaccine.  This is our second time together at this park but Daddy told me he has taken you there about 4 times.  Guess how I found it???  You led me there.  I put you in the wagon and headed towards a park that I knew of.  To get there I would have walked straight from your house without turning.  When we got to the first intersection, you insisted ( and I mean insisted) that I turn left.  I said ok since it really didn’t matter where we went.  After a few blocks, you pointed left again.  I said ok but I didn’t think we could find a park.  Well, was I wrong!!!  You led us straight into the most magnificent park for children.  The best equipment – all exactly the right size.  You bravely went up every ladder and down every slide.  You had brought a doll baby with you and you sent her down the slides, put her on the swings and on the merry go round.  We went on the teeter totter together.  So much FUN!!  

We’ve got a little agreement going on.  You will take as much as you can get away with.  You will tell me no but once I count to 3, you know I mean business and you come with me without much fuss.  It took us a bit to get to this point but we have an understanding.  You’re pretty cute when you put up one finger and say one – as in one more.  Grandma told a story that you were playing last week with a neighbour’s dog and that they gave you a treat for her.  You put your hand out flat with the treat on it.  You learned that from Grandma’s dog, Murphy who you love a lot.  I am digressing.  You then put up your finger and said one? Apparently you did this several times and the little poodle got 4 treats!!

Harper you are only 3 months away from your second birthday.  Next month it will be a year since Mommy had to go.  You love to point out pictures of Mommy and sometimes I think I see you talking to her.  Daddy makes sure you say Good night and I love you to Mommy every night.  He shows you her photos.  Bubby loves him for that.  You are very, very clever.  You have a great vocabulary of more than 50 words and some have more than 2 syllables.  You are starting to count and one and two are very familiar to you.  You know a lot of colours now.  Blue seems to be your favourite to say and to choose. You are trying out your ABC’s too.

You love to video chat with Auntie Raya – the instant you see her face you break into a big smile.  Very soon you are going to spend time with her, Uncle Ben and Cousin Oscar.  You are going to be one very happy little girl.  Everyone around you is starting to make plans for summer.  Cottages, lakes, maybe pools, farmer’s markets, pony rides, amusement parks, and sunshine fun!!  You also love to chat with Great Bubby Kaye and Regine.  You grab the phone from me and start to show them everything including your Barbie House, your toys, your room -anything and everything.

This past month we celebrated Purim at Bubby’s home.  You and I dressed up in costume and we ate Thai food. You loved the spring rolls and ate a bit of phad thai and a wee bit of mango salad. This summer I hope to show you a world of food and someday, my sweet love, I hope to show you food as we travel the world!!!  So much I want you to see.  Your Mommy loved to travel and I know you will too because you are an Adventurer!  Back to Purim – we had a video party with Auntie Raya and Uncle Ben and Cousin Oscar.  Everyone dressed up.  Being Jewish is pretty cool because there seems to be a holiday around every corner.  With every holiday comes special food and music.  We are now singing Miriam’s Song (singing and dancing and laughing) and Dayenu.  The moment I sang it, you started singing it with me.  It was like you knew it already.  We are ready for our sedar with Auntie Paula and Uncle Peter.  Woot! Woot!

Queen Esther
Queen Vashti

Well I can’t end this letter without telling you about the fact that you often go into cat mode as your Cousin Oscar would call it.  You meow like a real kitten and you also paw at your thighs and take off crawling and meowing.  Daddy heard you the other night at about 11pm.  You cried out and then meowed!!  You went back to sleep.  When I come into your room in the morning, you say hi but then quickly start to meow.  Oooh I love you, baby cat.  


I take a lot of photos of you.  I want a photo in all your outfits.  Now you aren’t running away from me but instead you stop to pose – your poses are more super model than candid shots.  You like to look away with an indifferent look.  One day you ran into the bathroom and sat on your potty and posed.  Hey, little love, I’ll photograph you anywhere.  

Super model pose
Super model on the commode
Super model in the kitchen

Spring is close.  You are loved. Meow!

You Are So Loved

Harper you are now 20 months old and soon you will have your second birthday.  Where should I start? I haven’t written you in 3 months because I have had a lot of trouble with my eye since the end of November.  I had to stay in bed for 12 days and lay only on my rights side and then a few weeks later lay face down for 7 days and then just when we thought it was all fixed, I had to have another operation and lay on my right side or face down for another week.  My eye is healing and sometimes you look at me and say, “eye”?  One day you put your hands over my eyes and I could feel your healing energy.  What a powerful woman you will become! When I’m with you, I take a lot of photos and a lot of videos that will help to me remember and they will be there for you when you get older. Bubby’s memory is not all I might want it to be. I also like to show Daddy, Auntie Raya and Grandma what we are up to by sending them photos and videos everyday.

  On the morning I came into your room after being away for 10 days you literally squealed with delight!  You jumped up in your crib and reached out for me and then hugged me and buried your head on my shoulder.  I have never felt so loved and so wanted.  A second later you also looked around and said Dada?  I said he’s in the shower.  You nodded and snuggled back in my arms.  You are crazy for your Dada and you light up every evening when you hear him coming in the door.  Daddy works in a hospital and because of the pandemic, he always comes in the back door and right into the shower and changes his clothes.  You are in the tub downstairs at the same time – once you hear him and break into an excited smile – you go back to playing with your tub toys and your baby that pees when you feed her.  You are so secure in how much you are loved and in your daily routine.

Waking up from your nap and you love to lounge

You love to cook and you love to eat.  Mealtimes bring a lot of joy to everyone who cooks for you (especially me and Grandma) and to you.  You and I have made bagels a few times – these are easy to make bagels that your mommy loved too.  It is flour with baking powder and salt and Greek yogurt.  We brush them with egg and sprinkle “Everything Bagel Spice”.  You help me put the ingredients in the bowl and mix them up and then put them on the pan and shape them.   This week you helped me prepare all your meals.  You stand on the little step ladder at the kitchen counter.  You put the bread in the toaster, crack eggs, measure  and pour ingredients.  Friday we were making tuna noodle casserole ( noodles, tuna and Greek yogurt) with broccoli.  You wanted to eat the raw pasta but I explained it had to cook so you just gave it a lick and put it down.  When the broccoli was done and chopped in the bowl, you kept sampling it while the pasta was cooking.  Bubby has never loved cooking as much as I do when I am with you.  You were loving pickled beets this week and an arrowroot cookie brings a big smile to your face.

Finished product

You are loving snow and going out to play in.  Daddy took you sledding and you had a blast!  I pull you in your sled and you have taken a few tumbles but you wait patiently for me to set you back up.  We love going over to the church on the corner and playing on their steps and on their lawn but we also have fun in your backyard.  You climb into a space under your slides and then invite me to sit with you.  I explain that I don’t have snow pants and then you always point to yours.  We do sit at your picnic table together and sometimes on the little stone bench.  Someone must have taught you about snow angels while I was away because you like to lay down, look up at the sky and when I said make a snow angel, you did!!

Playing on the church steps
Sitting on your backyard picnic table

Your Unca’ Corey wrote a song for you the night before your Mommy had to leave us. He called it Little One. I played it for you when the album he called “Tov” was released. You loved it. A CTV news reporter decided to tell people all about the song and about our story. You were on the news 2 nights in a row. You looked beautiful in your Ralph Lauren dress and red sweater.

Camera ready. Your first tv appearance and a smile that lights up the world.
Setting up the computer for our online interview.

You are talking up a storm these days.  You chat away to us with lots of expression, inflection and enthusiasm but at this point we don’t know what you are saying.  You and I had a big laugh this week when I copied everything you were saying.  You do have a lot words that are understandable and you often repeat words.  You know several colours especially blue.  When I count to three, you know I mean business.  There are a few times (especially outside) when we are not on the same page especially when it comes to time to go inside or wearing mittens.  We had our first run in (you might say) last week.  You took off your mittens (mitt as you call them) and threw the on the ground.  I said you had to wear them or go inside.  We had a little on and off interplay and I told you I would count to three and if you didn’t put on your mittens we were going inside.  Needless to say – we went inside with you crying.  Inside I explained to you again about wearing mittens and that your hands would freeze without them.  We went back out with your mittens on and that problem has been solved.  You are so clever my baby girl.

You do love all your babies and you hold them, snuggle them, feed them, wash them – you have such a gentle caring and an instinct for parenting.  You love to play with your stove, fridge and kitchen set, plastic food and tea set.  You cook and serve and pretend eat.  We got out the play doh this week and you were busy with that for about an hour. You made beautiful pink bagels and put them in your oven.  You insisted on tasting them so I let you have a little lick (I tried too).  Yuck – you also were not impressed.  Finger paints are another favourite – I don’t say finger painting because there is now way you are putting your fingers in the paint!!  You prefer to use a q-tip, a brush or even a sponge.  I guess that is my fault because I didn’t think to start out painting with our fingers.  I got you a new set of paints with sooooo many colours and we definitely had a lot of fun this week.  

Finger paints with a brush
Playdoh baking

While I was away Uncle Peter and Aunt Paula came to look after you when Daddy went to work.  You have really got to know them well and it makes me so happy to watch you together.  Uncle Peter sits on the floor and plays Barbies with you.  You lead him around showing him all the things you want to do.  They tell me you made them both get up and dance with you.  He let you wash your hands in the sink for 10 minutes.  This is really special Harper.  This pandemic has made our world very small.  There are very few people we can see.  Auntie Raya, Uncle Ben and Oscar have not been able to visit for several months but you haven’t forgotten them and you break into the biggest smile when they appear on the phone screen.  You even hugged the phone the other day.  You haven’t seen Great Bubby since summer when we met outside.  Great Bubby will be 100 years old before you turn 2.  You love to video chat with her and Regine (her caregiver).  You laugh and run around showing them things.

Like most children in your generation – you love your screens – tv, computer and phone.  Your favourite show is Cocomelon.  You totally stop and are mesmerized when it is on.  You also love Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies and you watch Sesame Street with your Daddy.  You have learned to stop and start a show on the computer and you are constantly using your forefinger on the phone – you know it will do something.  You can get a bit annoyed and press at it frantically which cracks me up everytime.  Hmmmmmm…..what else?  I’m smiling as I write that.  You often put your finger over your lip and say hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  You have a weekly online music class with Miss Josie from Music Together. You are always excited to see her and say hello.

Music class with Miss Josie

Well, we both love music and we just celebratedTu B’shevat (the birthday for trees) and we sang a lot of tree songs.  “I’ve got a friend who comforts me, I’m a kid and he’s a tree.  We grow……Tu tu tu tu tu tu tu Tu B’shevat!”  You ask for the tu tu tu song and show me the actions.  You also love Miriam’s song by Debbie Friedman.  You point to my tattoo and say Mimi……and I burst into song….And the women dancing with their Timbrels and you dance in your chair. We also planted some arugala seeds for TuB’shevat. We have lots of plans for gardening this summer in your big and fabulous back yard!! I’m so excited.

Planting arugala seeds for Tu b’shevat

I can’t finish without talking about Grandma – she is such an important part of your life and she loves you so much.  Grandma has been driving me back and forth to you for weeks because I couldn’t drive. She came every afternoon to share bath time with you and play for a while before Daddy arrives home.  Grandma spends lots of weekend time with you and helps Daddy with keeping your home clean and organized.  She has you both for dinner every Wednesday and Sunday.  She makes you banana muffins and so much more.  I love how you light up when you see her and run to her every time.  Oh Harper – you are so loved by so many people.  That’s just the way it should be.

Good Morning, Bunny Rabbit

Dear Harper,

The best part of any morning is stepping into your room, turning on the light and saying Good morning Bunny Rabbit and seeing your bright and beautiful smile.  You turned 18 months on Friday – happy one and a half years. my precious one. Every morning you hand me your stuffed animals one by one.  Good morning Lion, good morning Piggy, good morning Miss Mermaid.  Each one gets two kisses – mwah, mwah and go on the change table.  Then we search for the soother somewhere in your bed or on the floor.  You pop it in your mouth until breakfast is served and then you take it out and set it on the table (where I whisk it away and out of sight until nap time).  At breakfast Bubby sips away at her coffee.  We never get tired of touching my cup and saying Ow! (cause it is hot and hilarious). After breakfast you often watch some Peppa Pig in your wee arm chair but soon you are up and at ‘em.  

You still love the Swiffer and mopping the floors (several times a day).  While at Bubby’s you picked up a new habit of shaking the mats.  Housework is so satisfying and so much fun.  Now you like to stand on a stool in the kitchen and help with cooking or washing dishes. You especially enjoy washing your hands with the movable faucet. In the morning I make your bed and if I don’t – you remind me by pointing at the blankets and you prefer they are laid out flat and not turned down at the corner.  You will straighten yourself if I try to be creative.

Swiffering in the morning. You moved the bench to get under the table.
Kitchen chores

It’s been quite a month- Bubby’s eye had a problem and I had to stay in bed for 12 days laying on my right side and I didn’t see you.  Pooh!  I missed you so much.  We were so grateful that Auntie Paula could be with you instead and Daddy took some days off too.  Grandma stepped in too coming every afternoon.  Wow!!!  What a village of love you have, Kitten.

We had a Chanukah sleepover this week and got to share it with Auntie Raya, Uncle Ben and Oscar on a video chat.  We were supposed to go to London for the whole weekend but we couldn’t because of the pandemic.  Anyway – we ate latkes, oven fried chicken and coleslaw with Sufganiot for dessert.  That’s our family tradition and we had the same meal last year when Mommy was still here.  Mommy made the chicken, Auntie Raya made the sufganiot and she helped Bubby make the latkes.  We opened our presents together and lit our candles.  Not quite like being together but it made Bubby’s heart feel really good!! 

Video Chanukah with Auntie Raya, hilarious Uncle Ben and Cousin Oscar
Opening Chanuakah gifts including your first Chanukiah
Family traditions – latkes, ovenfried chicken, applesauce and sufganiot

You love my little bedroom – we sit on the bed and find so many fun things.  You especially like the back scratcher and although you enjoy a little scratch on your back you much prefer to give.  You look at me and point at my shirt and signal me to lift it up so you can get busy scratching my back.  Lucky me!!!  This time we got into all the necklaces I have hanging – many are mine and many were your Moms.  You put on a few and then kept pointing for more….more….more until you had the perfect number.  A girl needs to accessorize.  We had a hilarious game of peek a boo with you hiding behind your Chanukah Elmo book (both Daddy and I bought you one).  You laughed so hard and it makes me laugh every time I watch the video of you.

Dress up at Bubby’s. You can never have too many.

I took a lot of videos of you this month – the photos and the videos help me remember what to tell you and everyday I send them to Auntie Raya, Daddy and Grandma.  You’ve got a lot of words now and you can tell me what it is you want or don’t want by gesturing and a few words here and there. 

You love playing in your playroom and we spend a lot of time there each day.  You love to colour, to paint or to use markers.  You concentrate very hard on your work but your first love is books.  You have a good sized library already and you can sit and read on your own and when you ask me to read to you, it can easily be 6 books at time.  You know what books you want and you will point until I find the right one – nodding or shaking your head.  Fortunately most of your books are on lower shelves that give you easy access.

You also love your rocking horse, your fancy red car (getting in and out, putting on the seat belt, pretending to drive), your plastic groceries, and your little kitchen.  You cook by stirring things up and then pretending to be eating. Yummmm.

Oh Harper you love music and I know it is a big part of who you are.  Mommy loved music – she loved to sing and to dance and to lip sync and to go to concerts.  We have listened to a lot of different music this month.  You love calypso and reggae, classical, opera and ballet.  But you really love the tunes from your music class (Music Together) and you insist every bath that I play Babv Shark on the phone.  You point at the phone and holding a toy shark say Doo doo.

Classical music always makes you stop and look for a moment.  Calypso has you dancing and usually asking Bubby to pick you up to dance.

We can’t talk about this past month without mentioning the great outdoors and your first snow.  Grandma took you out and you were not too impressed.  There was even a little snowman.  You have grown to appreciate it and snow is one of your words.  You like to hold a snowball.  You love all your mittens that have ears and they make you laugh a little.  We’ve been walking in the alley with all the murals.  Wow! So many with pictures of moose, trees, flowers, butterflies and more.  You point them out to me now.   You like to collect sticks, stones and even snow balls and put them into your wagon or car (usually in the storage at the front).  In your backyard you insist on climbing (with help) to the top of your playset where you always have a big laugh and smile as you peer out the windows.  Then down the slide you go (with help).  We could probably do that repeatedly but Bubby runs out of energy pretty fast. I always say ask Daddy later (teehee).

Your street is being paved this week and Bubby couldn’t park near the house so we had to transfer things using my bundle buggy. You decided to take a ride rather than push it. When you came to sleep over you insisted on helping to carry all the bags. You also felt wearing a mask was important to being a good citizen.

Auntie Paula and I dressed you up in several of your magnificent party dresses and had a photo shoot.  You were mostly on the run but we got some good photos.  We won’t be going to many parties for a while but doesn’t mean we can’t dress up fancy!!! 

What a month as 2020 comes to an end. I don’t think we can ever really explain this year and all that has happened but we know we love you. Kisses sweet love.

Hi Harper Bubby Loves You

Harper in just a few days you will be 17 months old!! You are growing and learning and laughing and loving. This week you had a sleepover at Bubby’s house and tonight you are sleeping at Grandma’s. You love a good adventure and you adapt so quickly because you know how much you are loved. This month was Halloween and you dressed up as Snow White for your online music class with Miss Josie from Music Together in the Village.

Snow white
Snow White and Peppa Pig

There is a still a pandemic and we don’t get to go to places like libraries, community centres or have play dates with friends but we are still having a lot of fun. This past week we went to Riverdale Farm where we saw some different animals. We also had a visit with Aunt Paula and we had a walk in the park with Kenana. On Wednesdays now you go to Grandma’s for dinner and you have your bath there too.

Checking out the turkeys at Riverdale Farm

You still sit on the potty but you haven’t had a pee pee this month but we don’t care, it’s just fun to sit and ask for a piece of toilet paper and give your little potty a flush. You are aware now of when you go poo poo. You have started squatting and once this month you even went inside your castle tent to go poo in your diaper. When I ask if you have poo poo in your diaper you put your hands on your stomach and do a little squeezing action. I admit we have a lot of pee pee, poo poo talk but your Mommy always appreciated a good poo poo conversation.

You still love your food and Bubby delights in you sounds of enjoyment – mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm!!!! you love to show your delight with a little wiggle and a big smile and sounds of enjoyment!!!!! You had clementines this month and you really love them. You love fresh fruit and Bubby finds it fun to follow the seasons and introduce you to new ones. Other favourite foods? Eggs (omelettes, hard boiled, fried or poached), cheese ( cheddar or marble slices, herb and garlic creamed cheese, feta and cottage cheese), oatmeal porridge, muffins (pumpkin, almond, and the cornmeal ones that Auntie Paula makes for you, peanut butter sandwiches, You and I were both crazy for some chocolate cookies I made with bananas and almond flour! Yummm. You were having none of the sauerkraut I had you taste and this week you didn’t like shredded raw carrots but you loved the carrots in the chicken soup with matzoh balls. You eat your broccoli and you love sweet potatoes and peas.

Oatmeal porridge
Egg salad on toast
Cottage cheese
Dinner at Bubby’s – hamburger, french fries and peas.

You’ve had a lot of teething issues – you’ve had rosey cheeks and been extra cuddly. You have some very beautiful teeth and an incredible smile.

Big smile photo by Kim Lovell

You are a great sleeper – 12 hours every night and a 3 hour nap every afternoon. I ask are you ready for a nap and you head to your bowl of clean soothers, take one and head right to your bed. You rub your hair, look up at me and wait patiently while I turn on your sound machine and shut your curtains. One week every time I came in your room to get you up, I found your stuffies lined up. One morning I caught you in action.

You still like helping around the house. You like to mop. dust, do laundry and put clothes in and out of drawers.

Mopping the floor, you then bend down to straighten the mat. Bubby’s helper.

Harper, you love books a lot. Lately you can sit on my knee and listen to me read 4 in row. You had me read Alice in Wonderland from beginning to end. You sit right down to read any new book that comes into the house. You play with a mason jar that was your Mommy’s. You can sit quietly putting straws in the little wholes in the lid for a long time every morning. Mommy used the jar for her homemade scrubbing powder. After breakfast every morning you sit in your armchair and watch Peppa Pig while Bubby finishes her coffee. We get a big kick about touching my mug and saying Hot! Owww!

Mason jar and straws

A typical playtime in your play room starts with you playing in your oatmeal/pasta mixture, then your wee refrigerator with the plastic groceries. You pretend to eat and it makes us both laugh when we both have our pretend ice cream cones. You like to colour or paint, build with your blocks, play a little hockey, get in and out of your little red car and when you are done you start up the stairs signaling me that we are done.

playtime mixture of pastas, oatmeal and rice
What?? Daddy brought my little red car inside???

What makes you laugh? When I eat your toes every time I change your diaper. When I chase you calling out that I am the tickle monster. When I get on my hands and knees and crawl after you. You have a big hearty delicious laugh that makes my heart sing. This month we had a professional photo shoot with Kim Lovell. What a gift!!!

We love to get outside everyday for a good walk – sometimes we drive to a park, often play in your fabulous back yard or walk in your neighbourhood and go to one of the many parks. You love running after squirrels. You like to pick up twigs, stones and leaves. You like to smell flowers. Actually you love smelling things. Your mommy had an incredible sense of smell. Maybe you will too!