What Would You Do If You Could Do Anything?

It’s time for an exciting new adventure.  3 years ago I started this blog – I was 2 years away from my 60th birthday and I wanted to embrace that milestone with excitement, hope and a sense of adventure.  I have decided to embrace social media even more by reaching out and asking for your help as I plan the next chapter in my personal journey.  No, not online dating but instead online life planning.


The whole world is my oyster and there are so many things I might do.  I am enlisting my friends, family and acquaintances far and wide to explore the possibilities.  I want to hear where you’ve been, why you loved it, where you want to go and what is pulling you there.

I am making lists – that’s the way I handle things.  Lists of where I have been, what I love doing and what talents are in my bag of tricks.

aromatherapyreflexology feetDream pillow workshop 1badge


I intend to continue earning a living but I think I have a pretty big “bag of tricks” to offer.  I am referring to work I am doing now and career’s I have had in the past.

  • Reflexologist (Healing foot massage)
  • Workshop facilitator (Fun, inspiring sessions incorporating Aromatherapy, flower essence remedies, journalling, vision boards and more)
  • Life Cycle Officiant (weddings, funerals, coming of age, uncoupling)
  • Writer/Editor
  • Organizer (Home and office)
  • ESL teacher (English as a second language_
  • Jewish Educator (specialty is Bar/Bat Mitzvah students)
  • Travel/tourism guide
  • Administration and Management
  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning

Here is a list of things I have thought of doing:

  • House-sitting and pet-sitting. Boat-sitting (yachts?)
  • Couch surfing (think I am not really up that option) – like camping and backpacking.)
  • Tour guide
  • Destination representative (English representative at hotels and resorts)
  • Cruise ship (maybe as a Reflexologist)
  • Teaching English in actual classrooms
  • Teaching English virtually (already doing this as a supply teacher)
  • Volunteer placements with a stipend
  • Retreat centre or spa as a Reflexologist
  • Caregiver for children or seniors
  • Organizing homes/ offices far and wide


Now it is your turn.  I am so excited to hear your ideas.  Where would you go?  What might you do?  Let your imagination run wild.  1, 2, 3, and go!