How bout you be a cat!

Dear Harper,

It’s several months since my last letter and so much has happened and so much I want you to have to remember.  I take photos and videos of you every day and you will have that in the future. Thankfully, I am always texting Auntie Raya about our adventures so that is how I can remember what I want to tell you.

We have been celebrating Chanukah together. We recently discovered a Learning Resource Centre nearby and we’ve dropped in a few times.  We usually stay for a few hours.  During Chanukah we led circle time together.  I read Clifford The Big Red Dog’s Chanukah and we led everyone in singing  “I had a little dreidel”.   We gave out dreidels and chocolate coins and taught the dreidel game.  You taught your babies how to play dreidel.  You said to them that they want to get Gimel when they spin and that Gimel is the letter with the little tail and Nun doesn’t have a tail.  You pay attention to signs, to letters and to numbers and ask me everyday what this or that is.  We lit our Chanukah candles on the days you were with me and you are singing the blessings.  In fact, when we light our Shabbat candles on Friday afternoon, you can almost chant on your own.  My heart fills when you gather the light to your eyes 3 times. We went shopping for dreidels and I asked a clerk to help us.  She took us down the aisle that was filled with Christmas decor and you looked up at her and said, “My Bubby doesn’t celebrate Christmas, she celebrates Chanukah.”  Our friend Tamar gave us a tub of white clay and we actually made our own dreidel.  

We went to London to visit Auntie Raya, Uncle Ben and Cousin Oscar.  Omgoodness – how you and Oscar played, laughed and loved.  I have never heard so much belly laughter.  The house was filled with joy.  In our family Chanukah dinner is Latkes, oven fried chicken and coleslaw.  Raya made it all and it was sooooo delicious. You love chicken and coleslaw but you decided not to try a latke.  I’ll have to make them again soon when there is less distraction.  You are crazy for your Auntie Raya and Uncle Ben. When we are there, I almost disappear as you snuggle and cuddle with them asking to be picked up a lot (which I never do).  Travelling with you is so easy.  You never fuss on the train and someone always mentions when we are getting off what a great traveller you are and how you were so good.  

In November we took an overnight trip to Niagara Falls on the Go Train.  I think hotels are another family tradition and family favourite.  There was a swimming pool, 2 hot tubs, a play centre and a video game room.  We did it all.  That night you were coughing a lot and I wasn’t feeling 100%.  You saw your doctor a few days later and you had bronchitis.  Fortunately, the doctor prescribed good medicine and it didn’t take long before you were feeling yourself. It took me a bit longer to recover and we also visited my doctor.  After these two visits you were playing doctor with your babies.  You are still telling folks that you will be an eye doctor when you grow up.

Play these days is mostly focused on your babies and your stuffies.  You are an amazing mother taking care of your whole clan – Emma, Ethan, Kayta 1 and Kayta 2.  Grandma says you also have a Mary and Ella.  You name your stuffies – Bella, Rainbow, and Sparkles. Sometimes you talk about the Little Honey in your stories and often call your little ones Hon.  I think you get that from Grandma.  So cute.  The other day you asked me why I called you dear?  You can create scenarios for hours.  Literally hours.  “Bubby, how about if you be the shopkeeper and I be the cat and you buy me and take me home?”  This can also be that you are a baby at the hospital and I pick you up or a dog in the window (from the song we sing- How much is that doggie in the window. When we come home after being out, you ask me to go in, shut the door and you will knock.  You are usually a little cat or dog with no parents and you want to live with me.  Usually I have to give you a bowl of water and a snack on the floor.  Many of the scenarios are on repeat but you seem to have a limitless imagination.  I see Improv and theatre in your future.

Your love for your baby brother, Auston is growing every day.  You tell me you love to tickle his belly and that he has two top teeth and that you put your fingers in his mouth and he bites you.  Of course, you mention Jetty every day and tell me and anyone who will listen that she is your best friend.

In late September you were a flower girl at a client’s wedding.  They weren’t sure if the girls from their family would be able to come and they wanted to be sure they had someone and I volunteered you.  You wore a magnificent white dress and hair band and the other 2 girls were there and you all became friends.  You were so good walking down the aisle and tossing the petals.  You sat with Auntie Paula (who drove us and came along to help) while I officiated.  I was so proud of you, I got a little choked up as I welcomed the guests.

Speaking of Auntie Paula, we went to Cousin Hartley’s cottage in Niagara Falls with her and Uncle Peter for a few days.  We had a lot of fun playing in playgrounds and sightseeing. You and Uncle Peter are always wild and crazy together.  The weather was too cool for beaches and kayaking so we will save that for next summer.  

We went to Auntie Raya’s for Rosh Hashanah and our annual trip to Appleland – pumpkin patch, corn maze (not my favourite), the giant sand hill with tunnels, wagon train ride and apple picking,  Your first year was with your Mommy so it is very special to us all.  Speaking of farms with went with our friend Jeff and Aioffe to Downey Farm where there was also a huge pumpkin patch and limitless things for kids to do.

We’ve learned to roll with the punches and be flexible.  We had to postpone our trip to Medieval Times this month but you are easy going usually.  There have been a few meltdowns, normal in any 3 year old, but Bubby realized you are just tired and this month I got a stroller to take on our outings.  Sometimes a girl just gotta’ rest.  You love to get out on the streetcar, bus and subway.  You enjoy a meal in a restaurant and you love to socialize.  You are definitely your mommy’s girl.  We went to Gingerbread Lane in the Royal York Hotel.  It was magnificent and so beautiful.  You really didn’t want to leave.  You loved the hotel and wanted to explore every floor (we only did 2).  I promise to bring you back for an afternoon tea.

I love that everyday you go seamlessly to my house, back to Daddy or Grandma and Pa.  You show us all so much love each time we see you. You know who loves you and you give it back to us all.

I love you, my precious kitty kat.  You are my heart.

Royal Winter Fair 2022

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