Sixty in the City

For 3 decades SandraLaya Ruch has been inspiring women to live their lives to the fullest. She is a firm believer that anything is possible and each of us must dare to dream. She encourages women not be held hostage to our victim story but to use our survival as a reminder of our strength and possibilities.
Ruch, began her global activism for the rights of women and children as a young woman. For almost 10 years, Sandra played a prominent role at Canada’s only national Feminist peace organization in Canada, the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW). As a committed peace activist, she lived and managed numerous initiatives in conflict areas working with International Feminist organizations. As a result of her human rights advocacy, Ruch has been arrested and detained several times both abroad and in Canada. Her speaking is a journey about conflict, crisis and commitment to living a meaningful, substantial and significant lifestyle.
From her extensive women empowerment experience and expertise, Ruch provides timely insight for women and how they can begin to see and manage conflict differently. She is a sought-after speaker on strategies for social justice and empowering women to come into their voice.
SandraLaya Ruch is the founder, and CEO of Sixty in the City which helps empower women to live meaningful lives. Ruch views conflict and crises as pivotal moments in our lives that can deepen our significance or destroy it. Ruch sees extensive conflict for women at work where levels of anxiety are heightening, not lessening. Often anxiety stems from women’s desire to have life work balance. Given the fact that most today’s organizations continue to advance and promote employees who work more hours and carry more stress, women face enormous conflict. The manifestation of this is detrimental to women employees and their respective employers. With Ruch’s 30 year women empowerment background, she provides organizations with a customized speaking programs, aimed to equip women with a completely new perspective on conflict, how to embrace it and to enjoy it.
Both a Mother and Grandmother, SandraLaya raised her daughters independently facing many of the struggles familiar to single parents. She is no stranger to domestic violence and the dangers that women experience in a patriarchal society.
“We must look for the opportunities waiting for us”. SandraLaya Ruch

Sixty in the City