I Look Fabulous

You sure do look fabulous!  I love your confidence – so like your mommy when she was a little girl and told her babysitter Tommy – “Don’t tell me what to wear.  I know fashion”.  Your new special look has been a hair band placed on unbrushed hair in a 1920’s flapper style.  Auntie Raya suggested she fix your hair but you looked in the mirror and said, “I look Fabulous!”.

You are a very confident little girl.  You are so loving.  You tell everyone that you care about how much you love them.  You hug us so tight.  It is important to you that you never leave us without making sure you have told us.  After visiting with Great Bubby, you ran back into the condo building through the automatic doors to tell Great Bubby and Regine once again – I love you!!

Visiting with Great Bubby in 2022

You are my best helper and we do everything together.  You helped me handwash some clothing in the bathtub.  You love to stand on your kitchen stool and help with cooking and with washing dishes.  You help me cleaning the bathroom, tidying up,  doing laundry (loading and unloading the machines), sweeping or mopping the floors.  You just draw the line at vacuuming as you are still bothered by the loud noise of the vacuum and the food processor. Recently we stocked up on paper products. You dragged a big shopping bag with the kleenex boxes in it  all the way from the car through our parking lot, up the steps, down the hall into the elevator and finally into the apartment.  Phwoosh!

We are getting back out in the world.  You started the third session of gymnastics and we’ve been swimming a few times again.  This week you were so confident in the pool and didn’t ask to be held.  You just walked down the steps into the water and started swimming – jumping in and out as you pleased. 

We have started taking transit and have taken buses, streetcars and subways to get around.  You are so good about wearing your mask and never complain.  Recently we’ve been to the St. Lawrence Market, the art installations on the beach and to the Royal Ontario Museum.  There is a cemetery near us and you asked to go to the statue park.  It is open to the public and many people walk their dogs so I felt it would be ok.  You told me several times that you loved it there.

We had a great train trip this March break to London to visit Aunt Raya, Oscar and Uncle Bean (aka Ben).  You were able to spend a whole day with Grampe and Gram, got your first haircut from Michele at Human Artistry and played non stop with your cousin Oscar.

You are willing to try any and all foods.  You picked up chopsticks and used them confidently.  Somehow you ate your bowl of cottage cheese with them.  Recently you and I started making Thai cold rolls.  We call them salad rolls and you love making and eating them.  You’ve had salmon sushi, egg rolls, Jamaican patties and you seem to love it all.  When we are cooking, you like to try the ingredients as we go alone – I think it helps you understand the end product better.  You were slow to like feta cheese but this week told me you love it.  You love to have a salad in a very big bowl.  Your Mommy always told me to make her salads in a big bowl too.

This week your baby brother Auston was born.  You have been anticipating this moment for a long time.  Grandma took you overnight while Daddy was at the hospital.  The next day you said, “I’m tired.  I didn’t sleep well in Wesley’s bed.”  I have to say this really cracked me up.  You spend a lot of time with grandmothers and sometimes sound just like us.

You love to sing and I love to record you.  You sometimes make up songs such as I’m going to the museum.  Other current favourites are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, the ABC’s, Happy Birthday and Rock a Bye Baby.  You are learning nursery rhymes (cause I know and love them) too.  I’m going to record you saying those this week.

We have had your scooter in the house and you get on it and announce that you are going to work.  You drive the 10 feet to the kitchen.  You explained to me that you work in the kitchen cooking.  This is not to be confused when I am in the kitchen cooking and you are helping me – 2 entirely different things.

I love you Baby girl – you are my Sunshine and my Heart.

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