• Sandra Ruch was our Reflexologist for 10 years. My husband and I valued her care and both experienced benefit from her visits. My husband has arthritis in his feet and reflexology particularly helped him with that pain. We found Sandra compassionate, caring and friendly and were sorry when she moved away from our area.

    Irene Barker
    London, Ontario

  • Sandra was able to build trust and she was empowering for many of our families.

    Ailene Wittstein
    Executive Directive
    Family Support and Crisis Centre

  • Sandra ran a series of workshops from reflexology to aromatherapy for the women of our community. She has such a warm positive aura about her and the women immediately took to her and her teachings. Her knowledge about holistic healing through natural remedy was embraced by many members of the community and she has become a valuable resource for future programming.

    Laura Spero
    Education Counsellor
    Oneida Community

  • Sandra led an inspiring group at a non-profit organization, which involved creating vision books. Sandra was able to engage all of the participants in a friendly and empathic manner. Creating the vision books proved to be a very motivating exercise for the participants – Sandra was an excellent facilitator. Thank you!

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