Living Large in My Tiny Space

I do live in a tiny space and I love it.  I found this apartment 9 years ago when I moved to Toronto after 2 years of living in Haifa.  I didn’t think I would be here almost a decade later but I knew the minute I crossed the threshold that it was home.  It is just 500 square feet including the 100 square feet  of balcony.  I use that balcony in the warmer months and it was one of the non-negotiable items on my must have list – clean building, public transit, balcony, wooden floors and bathtub.

When I left Canada in 2004, I sold the house and most of what was in it.  My daughters took what they wanted for their first homes and I kept 3 antique pieces that I had inherited from my Grandmother, a coffee table my father had commissioned and 5 boxes of books and other treasures.  I safely stored them away in my brother’s home and travelled with 2 very large suitcases of clothing and shoes.

I purchased a few new pieces when I moved in – a Beddinge sofa bed from Ikea, a bookcase and a chair from Pier One and an Ikea cabinet I found on Craigslist.  The rest, I have to admit, I have found or inherited.  Yup, found, fabulous pieces set on the curb in my neighbourhood.

table find
This is a table I had many pictures of in my vision book and there it was on the street looking for me.

In my space I have created nooks – a reading nook, an office nook, a dining nook, sitting nook.  My space has a separate kitchen, a huge walk-in closet, linen closet and entrance.

My living room converts to my bedroom with a quick flip of the sofa bed.


…………and my kitchen space

I added  a baker’s rack to my kitchen and it holds extra bowls, baking pans, cast iron frying pans. I  have catered from this little space, held dinner parties for up to 10 and cooked daily for myself.

This year as I prepare to train as a Kohenet (a Jewish Priestess), I have added my altar.


I love to nest wherever I land.  Do you?  How do you live in a tiny space?



8 thoughts on “Living Large in My Tiny Space

  1. Love it, Sandra. I’m in awe of creative women like you and Greta who can make a cozy home from a tiny space. Hope to visit yours one day. (Maybe next month?)

  2. This is so charming and so creative, Sandra. All I can say is WOW. I haven’t been there in many years, but it has certainly evolved since I visited you. I think you live life so beautifully.

    I love the items on and around your altar. They all have an aura of meaningfulness about them. I hope to be able to have you pray with me there one day, if I am allowed to join you in that worship.

    My life is just the opposite of yours, space wise – a huge 5 bedroom house that I can’t really take care of properly, nor can my hubby, now that he is disabled. We have kept it going because our wonderful foreigh student, Asli, from Turkey, whom we thought would stay with us for 5 months or a year, opted to return for 3 years, and we didn’t want to “kick her out” as this is her second home and she is our second daughter. She graduated in June, so we may start selling, packing and moving on after that.

  3. Joy, please come and worship with me anytime. I would love to see you in person.
    I love that we are still friends after 40 years.


  4. You’re very creative. My space is a studio of a little over 300 sq ft with no balcony 😦 and no full size appliances. All my furniture is set up by the walls, and I managed to fit clothes etc into one closet. I think I love my little space.

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