Weddings with SandraLaya

SandraLaya brings a professional attitude infused with joy and enthusiasm to both your wedding planning and your wedding day. She is a mother and grandmother, a choir member, after school teacher and lay leader in her Temple community. She was initiated into the Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess) community this year and will be ordained in 2019.

SandraLaya lives in the Toronto Beaches area and works as a Holistic Health Care practitioner, human rights activist, and Teacher/Facilitator.

She hopes to facilitate a wedding ceremony to meet all your expectations whether you are religious or secular, she believes in the inclusion of all. Wherever you choose to celebrate – in a traditional setting or under a waterfall, SandraLaya will bring just the right amount of reverence to your wedding ceremony.

SandraLaya is licensed to officiate wedding in the province of Ontario, Canada.